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Our kits are ideal for grabbing those all essential bits needed to get you started on your zero waste journey or even to give as a thoughtful gift.

Every kit comes in a complimentary GOTS certified organic cotton bag for you to store your products in.

Eco Living Dish Brush with Replaceable Head - A natural dish brush with Tampico fibre bristles. Tampico is a very robust fibre from the yellow leaf of the agave cactus, which grows only in the highlands of northern Mexico. Tampico has great water retaining properties, is resistant and hard-wearing and keeps its shape without softening. The brush head is removable and replaceable. Non-scratch and effective at washing pots, pans, trays, dishes and glass. Brush Head diameter: 4cm.

Eco Living Wooden Replacement Dish Head - A replacement head for the wooden dish brush, with plant-based bristles. Brush Head diameter: 4cm.

Eco Living Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths - Four compostable sponge cleaning cloths, plastic-free and made of natural renewable resources. These cloths don't emit micro-plastic pollution, are very absorbent, durable and reusable. Four cloths made up of two purple and two orange (172mm × 200mm).

Loofco Root Vegetable ScrubberLoofCo Root Vegetable Scrubber is ideal for cleaning muddy vegetables. 100% natural, reusable and compostable at the end of its life. The Root Vegetable Scrubber fits neatly into the hand and when its immersed in water swells up to become a soft, spongy and flexible pad. 

Organic cotton bag - As well as a place to store your products this reusable bag can also be used to store your produce. This breathable bag will prolong the life of the produce compared to disposable plastic bags. It also has a handy drawstring closure. Size of the bag: Height 38cm x Width 28cm (Approx). Weight: 34 grams. Tare weight: 1.2oz.

How to use

Eco Living Dish Brush with Replaceable Head - To change the replaceable brush head slide the silicone part of the handle to release the head. Do not wash in dishwasher. Brush head compostable.

Eco Living Wooden Replacement Dish Head - Allow the brush to dry completely in between uses.

Eco Living Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths - Wet the sponge cloth, squeeze and use for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and all around the house or even hands whilst out. Rinse the cloth after use. Dishwasher and washing machine safe. The cloths can be washed at 30-60c, line dry. Reuse over and over again. Home compostable after use.

Loofco Root Vegetable Scrubber - Rinse thoroughly before first use. Use with water on the wet skin of root vegetables with gentle pressure to lift off soil and debris. To keep loofah fresh between uses, rinse well and squeeze out excess water and hang to dry from the cotton string loop. Occasionally wash in the washing machine or by hand if desired.

Organic cotton bag - Machine washable at 30 degrees and hang dry. As the bags are made from natural material, the bags shrink about 10-12% from the original size.


Eco Living Dish Brush with Replaceable Head - Plastic free, vegan and has an FSC® beech wood replaceable head with tampico bristles. The handle is endlessly reusable with a mix of silicone and stainless steel.

Eco Living Wooden Replacement Dish Head - 100% Plastic-free and marine-safe replacement dish brush head, with plant-based bristles. Biodegradable and made from vegan and sustainable materials. The natural Tampico fibre bristles are durable and compostable after use. The wood FSC® certified beech wood.

Eco Living Compostable Sponge Cleaning Cloths - 100% natural sponge cloths. 100% plastic free and vegan. Made with 70% cellulose and 30% cotton. Certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100.

Loofco Root Vegetable Scrubber - Made from the loofah plant. Plastic free, vegan and biodegradable.

Organic cotton bag - GOTS certified organic cotton bag. 

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